Preparing Teenagers and Young Adults to be Useful Citizens (Part 2)

The most important TIME in your life is now; the most important QUESTION in your life is, “What are you going to do now and In the future?” The most important ACTION in your life is Thinking; the most important PERSON in your life is You.
Therefore, don’t procrastinate; know what you are going to do, think things through, And love yourself in order to love another.
It’s not so important to be liked, but to like yourself; it’s not so important to be good, but to be better; It’s not so important to receive respect from others, but to earn respect for yourself; it’s not so important to spend money on a person, but to spend quality time with a person; it’s not important to be important, but to be appreciated.
If no one has told you about right and wrong, or if no one has taught you right from wrong; Then I tell you now: it’s wrong to take property from another, unless given to you; it’s wrong to borrow and not return, or promise to do a deed and not do it; it’s wrong to hurt or kill another person, it’s wrong to bully or hurt another’s feelings.
If no one has taught you right and wrong; Then I tell you more: it’s wrong to hurtfully trick or deceive someone who trusts in you; it’s wrong to hurt someone just because that person Is different from you or different from Most people; it’s wrong to harm animals or desecrate Earth’s Sacred life just for fun or your own selfishness; it’s wrong to abuse yourself or abuse another Person in any way—especially a helpless child Or baby; So if no one has told you, I now take time To tell you— So you can know and think the right and moral Way of living with Earth’s life and your fellow Humankind.
If you can do more good than you do, then do it;
If you can be better than you are, then be it;
If you have the opportunity To do the right thing; Then do not hesitate.

Let us honor the youth of our seeds, let us honor the fruits of our youth; let us honor our youth through Spotlighting their presence, Spotlighting their participation, Spotlighting their achievements, let us honor our youth through song, Worship, praise, award, ceremony, and love; let us honor ourselves through honoring our youth; let us nourish the youth of our seeds; let us nourish their tiny blossoms and ripening fruits to sound maturity, that we may see them shine for us And themselves.

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