Preparing Teenagers and Young Adults to be Useful Citizens (Part 1)

One of my cardinal reasons for creating this Blog is to assist parents who are very busy in other fields of endeavor and are not having enough time to alert their teenagers and young adults how to comport themselves  and live as good citizens with the fear of God (Allah) and have inspirations needed to help them reach their determined goals.

Narrating part of my personality, I picked up vegetarian lifestyle 20 years ago and became a vegan 2009 and this lifestyle have eradicated many sickness from my body, flushing out all the sickle cells which I was having in my childhood days. Because ‘am very lenient and patient in all my undertakings most of my friends and acquaintances calls me “Noble”. Concerning spirituality and religious beliefs ; I believe that all religious bodies way of worship are acceptable to God (Allah) but some are more effective than others.

Be kind and wise in spoken words, for surely your words will follow you; be not afraid of risks but be cautious of actions driven by emotion, confusion, and false friends; avoid jealousy of others’ achievements and possessions; don’t live with an insatiable greed for more than you can appreciate or use; don’t eat more than your hunger’s call or drink beyond your thirst’s needs; listen to spirits that favor you and offend not those that oppose you; absorb yourself in an activity worthy of your unique talent, and develop as many common potentialities as you desire and can; whatever you do, do it as well as you can; live comfortably with your conscience, and be at peace with your soul; be courageous in life, while always respecting death’s luring and lurking; rest when tired and think when you are uncertain; be kind to the sacredness of life and respect the natural order of the universe; follow no one or no thing except your own judgment and your own divine wish; Love and respect yourself and your family; be all you can by developing yourself; do all you can in helping worthy others; and live a quality and meaningful life.

Don’t gloat in victory, or pout in failure; don’t brag of your conquests and possessions; be considerate to the less fortunate and graceful with the defeated; suffer you must, but without a murmur of complaint; choose well in your taste and avoid ostentation, showmanship, and buffoonery; let your actions, achievements, and accompaniments speak for you at the expense of your mouth; do and acquire what you like and not things you value highly for their impressions on others; And if they impress others, then let it be; Stay in synch with your energy and mood, while remaining polite, respectful, and responsible; Listen well to your conscience and follow the moral dictates of your natural way; although not perfect, try to do as many of these as often as you can and will; if so, you will earn an air of distinction and class That birth, money, power, and status alone cannot bestow.

BE CAREFUL OF WHAT GOES IN AND OUT OF YOUR MOUTH  Use your mouth sparingly and with grace; talk only when it counts, and eat food in small amounts.
Live long, be safe, avoid excessive chemicals lipped through the face; because tobacco and alcohol can diminish your health, and in the end can pose threat to your wealth.
Live long, live safe, by rarely mouthing off in haste; please, I tell you, if you can, use your mouth sparingly and with grace.



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